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Lightbulb Ra English Clan registry

Hi Everyone,

Here you will find the names of active English clans from all 3 realms(Alsius,Ignis,Syrtis) for the international server Ra. I will edit the post as much as i can to add new clans to the registry.

Please send me a PM if you dont see your clan name on the registry with the information you think necesary(example: clan name, language spoken, leader, who can recruit, some background if you want to.)

Realm Of Ignis:

1)The Immortal Legends
Main language:English, Secondary: Polish and German
Leader:Night Twix
Clan History:The clan was originally founded and lead by Princess Lana back in 2006 until the end of the beta, when she stepped back and transfered leadership to NightTwix

3) Ignis Warriors
Language : English, French
Recruiter : Everyone from the clan
Website and forum : www.regnum-online.fr.nf
Background: We are a multi-community clan, we have people from all the world, but we all speak English. We are opened to players who wants fun and helps in their clan. We often play in war zone together, and we don't hesitate to assist lower level from our clan.

Realm Of Alsius:

1)Valhalla -
Leader: Znurre
Clan Site: www.linuxgamerz.com/Valhalla
Who can recruit:members with the rank Elite (can recruit)

PERL - Perilous Eternal Ravaging Lunitics
Founder - Stonecold the Blue
Leaders - Thesis,Byteme
Language - English

Founders: Twinkle and Inkster
Clan leader: Twinkle
Who can recruit: Twinkle, Inkster (if everyone agrees within the clan but Twink has final say)
Primary language: English but with a few German members
Clan Rules: Don't cause trouble within clan or realm, no save camping, enjoy yourselves
Were a small clan who will recruit the right type of player, we will give anyone a chance.
We cannot help new players too much when were in fort wars or in hunts so this should be
bared in mind.
When hunting we use small groups of players and voice chat for better coordination of tactics
Clan theme tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxmUKVrT0iI

4)The Punishers of Alsius
Leader: Artic Wolf
Who can Recruit: Artic Wolf, Xavio
Website: not yet
Main language: English, other languages accepted but English must be one of the languages spoken by the player.

We don't have any level requirements to recruit.

5)Shadow Syndicate
Abbreviation: -S-
Language : English, French, Czech, more.. but primarily English in clan chat.
Founder : Matrian Kelley
Recruiters : Matrian Kelley, Screaming Wargasm, Ocard, The Medic, Bith, Baron Von Kulcsossy, Diamonne, Merack, and many more.

Our primary focus is fighting in the warzone. We will hold events in the coliseum for testing and practice though, and regular party formations for xp grinding. Check out our website at www.shadowsyndicate.net

For Alsius!

Realm Of Syrtis:
1)CBA -
polish, secondary language is english.
Leader:Pizdzius Swedzioszek
Recruiting: Fluffy Muffin,

2)German Guardians-
Forum: g-penguins.communityhost.de
Leader: Alegra / I pierce you
Recruiters: Ranks like: Herzog/Herzogin, Graf/Gräfin, Baron/Baronin.
If u want to be affiliated at the German Guardians, you have to write an application at our forum first and you should at least be able to speak and understand german, cause it is the main language in our clanchat and voice communication.
Clan site: www.german-guardians.de

3) Inquisition
Leader: Anpu
Clan Website: http://www.claninquisition.org/
Clan Info: For more information about the clan Inquisition visit the website provided above.

4)The Guardians of Power -
Leader: Angelwinged Devil
who can invite:At the moment every member of the Guardians of powers can invite, GoP dont mass recruit.

5)the Order of Daggerfist -
Leader:Valorius Rageway
Who can recruit: any members Elite Guard and up (Elite Guard,Champion, Hero, Prince/Princess) can recruit.
Website: www.orderofdaggers.net - posting and viewing of shoutbox and forums requires admin approval. Only clan members will be approved.
King: Albereth
Queen/founder: Valorius Rageway
General: Nylann Juno

6)The White Company
Main language: English
Founder: Ulixes Wolfhair
Recruiters:Onette, Landriel, Pelesz, Tyron, and Ben-Warrior
Named after the White Company from the Aurthor Conan Doyle book, this organization attempts to bring a different clan experience to players: mentoring, task based ranking system, and organized events.
For more information please go to Syrtis HQ

7)United Nations of Syrtis (UND)
main language: English
Leader: Isemon
recruiters: Above the rank champion
ranks: Depends on lvl and behaviour
Ranks able to Recruit: War terror, master ,legend
Clan Forum: http://uns.createforum.net/index.php

8)Name:: Death God's
Founder: Dirian
Co-Founder: Lovele
Recruiters: Everybody can recruit
Language spoken: English

9)T.I.L. - The Infernal Legion
Clan Lord: Shadow Walker
Second-in-Command: accura gt
Language Spoken: English
Realm: Syrtis
Info: TIL is not ruled by dictatorship. It has a voting system. The Legionares+ get to vote on decisions that take place in the clan. Lower members can put ideas up to the Legionares, they will then be discussed.
Clan Ranks:The Infernal Legion

Note:As you can notice some information is missing, please send a PM as i mentioned earlier so i can add your clan to the registry.


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1)>>> £owcy Smoków <<< - ¿polish?
2)CBA - ¿polish?
3)German Guardians - German
4)Inquisition - ¿English?
5)Força Tática do Brasil em Syrtis - Portuguese
6)The Guardians of Power - ¿English?
7)The Order of Daggers - ¿English?
8) xxxx - French
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5)Força Tática do Brasil em Syrtis - Portuguese
hthat doesnt kinda fit here
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Inquisition is english speaking clan from syrtis...

GoP and The Order of Daggers, I'm not sure but I think they are also english speaking clans
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Znurre will become famous soon enoughZnurre will become famous soon enough

Flame of Valhalla

Primary language: English
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The guardians of power
Primary language: English
Leader: Angelwinged Devil
who can invite: atm everyone cause clan ranks are bugged but they know not to massinvite. In the future everyone with the rank keeper of light and above can invite. But just ask the nearest guardian and he'll get a temporary promotion to invite you.
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ow, also information

Language: English
Founder: Anpu
Leaders: members of Council: member with rank: High Inquisitor or Grand Marshall.
Recruiters: Crusader, Inquisitor, Cardinal, High Inquisitor and Grand Marshall.
but you can always talk to someone of Inquisition and they can ask for a recruiter.

Join Inquisition
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The Immortal Legends only offical language is english.
There are a lot of secondary languages spoken due to our international members (mainly german and polish)
but english is the only official and every who wants to join has to speak it.

thanks for compiling that list
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The Empire of Ignea - English
-Edge is leader
-Ranking in order from top to bottom are: Crusader, Elite Sorcerer, Swordsman, Shadow Sorcerer, Duelist, Celtic, Serf.
-Everyone starts out as the ability to recruit, if they over abuse it, privlages are taken away
-No history really, except that most members are Ex-Legends. After the revolution lol

Lords of Ignis???

Company of Ghosts???

Hell of Ignis???
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english main german portugal spanish secondary
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