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Seems like problem solved, at least partially. The solution was so stupidly simple, but yet so hard to find out! I'm using a GTK-theme called Terrene, and I every time I start a GTK-based program in the terminal I get the following message:
/usr/share/themes/Terrene/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:249: error: invalid string constant "handlebox", expected valid string constant
Since I get it every time, with every GTK-application, I didn't even make a notice that it appeared. But for some reason I decided to try another theme, and see if there were any difference. Of course it started Even thou I had to use the MALLOC_CHECK_=0 workaroud the first time, before the new launcher was downloaded.

The updated laucher was downloaded, installed and after that I could change back to my other theme, and it still worked, even without MALLOC_CHECK_.

I'm attaching the backtrace anyway (as a .zip-file, the .tar.gz didn't work), because there's still a problem, even if I have found a workaround..
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